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Howdy Neighbor! 

I'm Todd

A family man, software developer, and a hopeful indie game dev. I developed a love of game development since college when I attended my first game jam. Up to now, Like a nervous artist, I only made little concept games for my daughters. With the encouragement from my beautiful wife, I am ready for the next step and try to become a fulltime indie developer with 'Sir Eric's Adventure', with your help, WE can make it happen. So keep reading or Check out my Shop!

Seeking Liberty Studios Founder

Sir Eric's Adventure

        Straight forward action adventure where hack and slash is the foundation of Sir Eric's Adventure play. Relying on skill and tools to work your way through enemies. With Sir Eric's Adventure, you will embark on a time oriented Adventure with a full filling quest, hacking and slashing, exploring hazardous areas, and getting to know the people in Sir Eric's Adventure. 

Planned Features

Screenshot 2023-05-15 223625

⦁ Cohesive 3d art stylized environments and characters.

⦁ 4 regions to explore: Snowy Mountains, Dark Forest, Sandy Beaches, and Grassy Plains.

My Inspirations

Screenshot 2023-05-15 212222

Game Play

 Sir Eric's Adventure gameplay is inspired by a mix of games like Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask and Dark Souls. The Challenging bosses they present shows how difficulty will bring out appreciation of tools and rewards found while giving weight to combat oriented actions. 

Game console

Why I need Your Support!

     My career in software development and hobby game development have shown me that it takes time and money to start your own business making games. Unfortunately, between being a father and working a fulltime job, my time is limited; and from art to food, game development requires money. Starting a business feels impossible sometimes, but in my heart this statement, by J.D. Baker, rings true "If you don't try, you've already failed".

      Which means I will need your help. I know it will take a while to raise enough money to develop Sir Eric's Adventure full time, but I believe it is worth our time and effort to pursue this dream. As I continue to be a father and work a full time job, I will continue development on Sir Eric's Adventure in smaller milestones. I am excited you are here! Thank you, for giving me your time and a chance. Please check out my shop so you don't miss out on Limited Edition Merch!

Thank You!

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